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is an easy-to use Rhino plug-in containing specialized tools for jewelry design and manufacturing.
The recently released RhinoGold 5.5 also includes a mind-blowing library of 1650 pieces of jewellery ready to print! Each of these pieces may be printed as is or modified or combined with other pieces.

RhinoGold 5.5 also includes Clyaoo for organic modeling, RhinoEmboss for creating reliefs, and a complete catalouge of Swarovsky elements.
Its new, proprietory Fleximetric Technology allows for easy editing objects, while the the RhinoGold Render Studio creates professional renderings with very little effort.

Major Features

  • Gem Studio

  • Automatic and Dynamic Pave

  • Head Studio

  • Ring Wizard

  • Ring Scaler

  • Channel Studio

  • Dynamic Profile

  • Bezel Studio

  • Calculate metal and gem weights

  • CAM Export Assistant

  • STL Repair Assistant

  • RhinoGold Render Studio

  • Fleximetric Technology

  • tutorials


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The best way to get started with RhinoGold is to attend our free training "Introduction to Jewelry Design with RhinoGold"